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Hannah Fredenberg

Copywriter / Blogger

Copywriter. Passion for fashion & lifestyle. Writer of product descriptions, banners, emails and blogs.

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Driven by the ego 480x320 article
Kind Over Matter

Driven by The Ego? 10 Ways To Let Go and Let Our Soul Steer the Way. - kind over matter

We’re coasting, cruising along, floating down an endless carpet of pavement, lifted by blue skies.. ...

Rise and shine 7 practices to empower your mornings and life 1 480x320 article
Kind Over Matter

Rise and Shine: 7 Practices to Empower Your Mornings (and Life) - kind over matter

Imagine – the world is still asleep yet here you are, eyes fluttering open in the dark, ready to greet a brand new dawn. Today is a clean slate…a fresh start.

4 tips to keep in mind when people dont get you 480x278 article
Kind Over Matter

4 Tips to Keep in Mind When People Don't "Get" You - kind over matter

From interviews to dating, we’ve been told it’s best to just “be ourselves.” Sounds great, but whether you love this message or think it’s a commercial catchphrase...