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Copywriter. Passion for fashion and mindful lifestyle. Writer of product descriptions, banners, emails and blogs.

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5 easy ways to reset and destress your brain article

Burnt out? Here's 6 Easy Ways to Hit Your Reset Button

Are you feeling stressed out? Burnt out? Pulled in a million (bazillion) different directions?
Between juggling work, relationships, families...

Change your environment change your life article

Change Your Environment and You Will Change Your Life

“Home is where the heart is“, right? Whether this common saying resonates with you or not, just pause right now...

7 empowering people to follow online article

New Season, New Mindset: 7 Empowering People to Learn from

Ahh, the changing of the seasons. Bittersweet, isn’t it?
The long dog days of summer are slowly winding down...

Driven by the ego 480x320 article
Kind Over Matter

Driven by The Ego? 10 Ways To Let Go and Let Our Soul Steer the Way. - kind over matter

We’re coasting, cruising along, floating down an endless carpet of pavement, lifted by blue skies.. ...

Want to reach your goals hold that thought article

Achieve Life Goals by Tapping Into Your Flow State – here’s how

Your legs burn, but feel strong, steady. . .powerful. The mixed sounds of stampeding feet...

Rise and shine 7 practices to empower your mornings and life 1 480x320 article
Kind Over Matter

Rise and Shine: 7 Practices to Empower Your Mornings (and Life) - kind over matter

Imagine – the world is still asleep yet here you are, eyes fluttering open in the dark, ready to greet a brand new dawn. Today is a clean slate…a fresh start.

Free youtube channels for yoga article

8 Free Yoga Channels on YouTube You Gotta Try

Wrote assigned topic of YouTube Yoga Channels (with my own personal selection of channels).

11,000+ current shares
1,100 shares at 24 hours of being up.

Decorative box hand crafted with multi color pencils color the world 1 1024x1024 article

Take Note: 12 Authentic & Artistic Gifts for Teachers

Wrote blog post (for NOVICA, in association with National Geographic)

April 2017: Reported as #1 non-ad result that comes up with a Google search for "authentic teacher gifts".

4 tips to keep in mind when people dont get you 480x278 article
Kind Over Matter

4 Tips to Keep in Mind When People Don't "Get" You - kind over matter

From interviews to dating, we’ve been told it’s best to just “be ourselves.” Sounds great, but whether you love this message or think it’s a commercial catchphrase...

5430088341 d5cf9e072f z article

12 (Bittersweet) Songs for Self-Empowerment. | elephant journal

Music is far more than background noise—it’s the window to the bare-naked soul...

2,000 views / 600+ shares / ranked #7 on Google Search for "self empowerment songs" keyword)

Merrell article

Merrell • Footwear Built for the Great Outdoors

Wrote email content.

Pinkday article

Celebrate #GIRLPOWER because it's National PINK Day! ❀

Wrote email content.

26127 0611 smrocc camp 01 article

Summer Occassions • It's Camp Time!

Wrote email content.

Tailgating article

Summer Occasions: Tailgating (One of our Faves!)

Wrote email content.